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Issues and Topics  

This research guide is meant to help you develop a research topic.
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Choosing a Topic

Here are a few paper topics with links to the resources in the Book Catalog to help you see what print resources exist on a number of topics.  In addition, to these keyword searches you can enter keywords in the search box above to explore the items at the Morton College library.

Issues Database

When choosing a topic, try to think of something that interests you that you would like to explore. The Opposing ViewPoints in Context database provides in depth explorations of a large number of topics and might be a great place to gather background information or ideas.

  • Opposing ViewPoints In Context (Gale)
    Covers hot social issues, from Terrorism to Endangered Species, Stem Cell Research to Gun Control. Helps develop critical-thinking and information literacy skills by bringing together a variety of information on social issues. Includes more than 8,700 pro and con articles and is easy to use.

Books on Issues and Topics

Here are a few books in the catalog to help give you some ideas.

Cover Art
The Internet - Jack Lasky; Greenhaven Press Staff (Contribution by)
Call Number: TK5105.8855 .I58 2016
ISBN: 9780737775549
Publication Date: 2015-12-21
How should the Internet be governed? Is unrestricted Internet access a modern human right? / David Rothkopf ; Internet access should not be treated as a human right / Simon Breheny ; Net neutrality is an important principle / Marvin Ammori ; Net neutrality is more harmful than helpful / James L. Gattuso ; Global cooperation is key to Internet governance / Lynn St. Amour and Don Tapscott ; Global governance is a threat to open Internet / Peter Roff -- How does the Internet impact the world? The Internet has not been detrimental to journalism / Mathew Ingram ; The Internet has been detrimental for journalism / David Sessions ; Why we're (beyond) geeked for the Internet of Things / Evan Wade ; The Internet of things may be problematic / Peter Bright -- What challenges does the Internet pose? Online piracy is not harmful / Jeff Cuellar ; Online piracy is economically harmful / Elmo Keep ; Technology gave rise to cyberbullying. Can it also stop it? / Jessica Mendoza ; The cyberbullying threat is overstated / American Psychological Association -- Can the Internet be dangerous? Internet addiction is a legitimate mental condition / Maria Konnikova ; We are all Internet addicts now--just don't call it that / Jared Keller ; Online pornography is harmful / Morgan Bennett ; Online pornography itself is not harmful / David J. Ley.

Cover Art
The Minimum Wage - Oren M. Levin-Waldman
Call Number: HD4918 .L4473 2016
ISBN: 9781440833946
Publication Date: 2015-12-01
"Minimum wage inspires debate among many Americans--from advocates who consider it beneficial to the poor and middle class to those who feel it leads to greater unemployment. This comprehensive overview examines the history, policies, and key players in the minimum wage arena and discusses the various controversies that have surrounded it. Author Oren M. Levin-Waldman presents a balanced approach to the topic, shedding light on legitimate evidence from both sides of the argument and debunking claims based on ideology, partisanship, and distortions of data.

Cover Art
Sexual Violence - Greenhaven Press Editors (Editor); Amanda Hiber
Call Number: HV6556 .S497 2014
ISBN: 9780737763409
Publication Date: 2014-04-04
Why consider opposing viewpoints? -- Introduction -- Is Sexual Violence A Widespread Problem?: -- Chaper preface -- Sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests is widespread / Center for Constitutional Rights -- Truth about priests / Michael Friscolanti -- There is a serious problem with sexual assault on college campuses / Christopher P Krebs et al -- College campus rape statistics are exaggerated / Heather Mac Donald -- Sexual assault in the US military: a review of the literature and recommendations for the future / Jessica A Turchik and Susan M Wilson -- War's overlooked victims / Economist -- Periodical and Internet sources bibliography -- What Factors Contribute To Sexual Violence?: -- Chapter preface -- Sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests is rooted in church culture / Fran Ferder and John Heagle -- What went wrong? / George Weigel -- Misogynistic social norms cause sexual violence / Janet Anderson -- Pornography contributes to sexual violence / Gail Dines -- Pornography may actually deter sexual violence / Todd D Kendall -- Rap's rape culture: Ashley Judd had a point / James Braxton Peterson -- Periodical and Iinternet sources bibliography -- How Does Society Respond To Sexual Violence?: -- Chapter preface -- Pope participated in the cover-up of sex abuse by priests / National Catholic Reporter -- Grace under fire / Brian Bethune -- Cover-ups of child sexual abuse are rife in American society / Nick Bryant -- Colleges insufficiently respond to campus sexual assaults / Joseph Shapiro -- US military is now taking sexual assault seriously / Leon E Panetta -- US military is prosecuting questionable sexual assault cases to improve its image / Marisa Taylor and Chris Adams -- Periodical and Internet sources bibliography -- What Policies Can Help Reduce Sexual Violence?: -- Chapter preface -- Pope should be prosecuted for sexual abuse within the Church / Richard Dawkins -- Accusing Pope Benedict / Ronald J Rychlak -- Punish the onlookers / Wendy Murphy -- Nonintervening witnesses of sexual violence should not be punished / Megan McArdle -- There should be no statute of limitations on child sexual abuse / Jon Wertheim -- Periodical and Internet sources bibliography -- For further discussion -- Organizations to contact -- Bibliography of books -- Index.

Cover Art
Euthanasia - Margaret Haerens
Call Number: R726 .E77518 2015
ISBN: 9780737772623
Publication Date: 2015-02-06
Table of Contents:

chapter 1. Should governments allow euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide?: Euthanasia should be legal / Howard Ball ; Euthanasia should not be legal / Bill Muehlenberg ; Euthanasia should be illegal but tacitly permitted / Brendan O'Neill ; Palliative care is a better option for the terminally ill than euthanasia / Adam J. MacLeod ; Euthanasia : hope you never need it, but be glad the option is there / Philip Nitschke -- There is a right to die / Peter Singer -- Liberals should be wary of assisted suicide / E.J. Dionne -- chapter 2. What effect does euthanasia have on individuals and society?: Euthanasia is merciful and reasonable / Terry Pratchett ; Euthanasia is barbarous and immoral / Rosie DiManno ; Euthanasia respects individual autonomy and requires deliberation / Mars Cramer ; Euthanasia devalues human life and limits individual freedom / United States Conference of Catholic Bishops ; Legalizing euthanasia can become a slippery slope / Sherif Emil ; There is no evidence that legalizing euthanasia will lead to a slippery slope / Dan Gardner ; Legalizing euthanasia leads to a stronger and more compassionate society / Steve Siebold ; Legalizing euthanasia has a negative impact on society / Tom Mortier and Steven Bieseman -- chapter 3. What controversies impact the euthanasia debate?: Child euthanasia should be allowed / Luke J. Davies ; Euthanasia for children is wrong : as Belgium proposes new law / Charles Foster ; Euthanasia should be allowed for emotional suffering / Mary Elizabeth Williams ; Euthanasia should not be allowed for emotional suffering / Tim Stanley ; Massachusetts vote may change how the nation dies / Lewis M. Cohen ; Physicians should not play a role in assisted suicide / Chethan Sathya -- chapter 4. How does the Affordable Care Act affect the euthanasia debate?: Canada has death panels / Adam Goldenberg ; Death panels are inevitable as long as health care is considered a commodity / James Ridgeway ; The Affordable Care Act death panels are a myth / Linda Milazzo ; ObamaCare is to euthanasia what Roe v. Wade was to abortion / Brian J. Kopp ; The Affordable Care Act could bring attention to the Death with Dignity movement / Roy Speckhardt.

Cover Art
Church and State - Lynn Zott (Editor)
Call Number: BF 526 .C4698 2012
ISBN: 9780737754322
Publication Date: 2011-09-20
What should the relationship be between church and state in the U.S.? -- How does the wall between church and state affect political issues? -- How does the separation of church and state impact policy decisions? -- How does the separation of church and state affect other issues?.

Cover Art
Gun Control - No'l Merino (Editor)
Call Number: HV 7436 .G8634 2013
ISBN: 9780737762785
Publication Date: 2012-10-12
"Should everyone have the right to a firearm?" "Do we need more or less regulation of guns?" "What impact to existing gun laws have on our society?" -- This book looks at gun control from a variety of perspectives, giving insight to this vital and current topic.

Research Guides

Here is a link to our other research guides.  Try searching these to find additional paper ideas and issues in different fields or areas of study.


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