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This is a guide to locate art book, journal, database, image and other multi-media resources available through the Morton Library.
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The books in the Morton College Library are arranged according to the Library of Congress. The subject of ART is located under N in the Library of Congress Classification System.

Use the following guide to locate books regarding these specific subject areas.

N Fine Arts

N Visual Arts

NA Architecture

NB Sculpture

NC Drawing, Design, Illustration

ND Painting

NE Print Media

NK Decorative Arts

Performing Arts are located under M and P.  For more information see the link below.


Search Tips and Tricks

When searching for materials you can search by either the author, title, or subject/keyword.  For author or title searches, you would simply need to enter either the name of the author or the title of the work in which you are searching.  For keyword/subject searching, try to use a variety of one or two-word phrases that describe your topic to yield the results for which you are looking.  You may also try to use some of the advanced search options and use and, or, & not between different keywords and keyword phrases.


New Art Titles

Cover Art
Chicago Skyscrapers, 1871-1934 - Thomas Leslie
Call Number: NA 6232.L47 2013
ISBN: 9780252037542
Publication Date: 2013-05-30
Featuring more than a hundred photographs and illustrations of the city's physically impressive and beautifully diverse architecture, Chicago Skyscrapers, 1871–1934 highlights an exceptionally dynamic, energetic period of architectural progress in Chicago.

Cover Art
The Hudson River School - New York Historical Society Staff; Linda S. Ferber (Text by)
Call Number: ND 1351.5.N49 2009
ISBN: 9780847832644
Publication Date: 2009-10-06
In the mid-1800s, a group of painters based in New York turned their focus to the theme of the natural landscape to demonstrate the beauty of the wilderness. Their work enjoyed a popular national success that no other group of artists has achieved since. This seminal survey of the artists marks the first presentation of the outstanding collection at the New-York Historical Society. It features works by all the greatest artists of the group, including Thomas Cole, Asher Durand, Albert Bierstadt, and Frederic Church. Accompanying a major traveling exhibition, the book is also timed to coincide with the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s first voyage up the Hudson River.

Cover Art
Pre-Raphaelites - Tim Barringer (Editor); Jason Rosenfeld (Editor); Alison Smith; Elizabeth Prettejohn (Contribution by); Diane Waggoner (Contribution by)
Call Number: NA 6767.5.P7 B37 2013
ISBN: 9780300194449
Publication Date: 2013-02-26
The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood shook the mid-19th-century art world. Effectively Britain’s first modern art movement, the Brotherhood combined rebellion and revivalism, scientific precision, and imaginative grandeur. Today, the works of the Pre-Raphaelites are among the best known of all English paintings, and yet they have often been dismissed or misunderstood as Victoriana or escapism. This fascinating book convincingly corrects that view, examining works in a wide variety of media and demonstrating the broad scope of the movement’s revolutionary ideas about art, design, and society.

Cover Art
African Cosmos - Christine M. Kreamer
Call Number: N 7380.5.K74 2012
ISBN: 9781580933438
Publication Date: 2012-11-27
A groundbreaking scholarly publication, accompanying an exhibition organized by the National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution, African Cosmos: Stellar Arts brings together exceptional works of art, dating from ancient times to the present, and essays by leading scholars and contemporary artists to consider African cultural astronomy: creativity and artistic practice in Africa as it is linked to celestial bodies and atmospheric phenomena. African concepts of the universe are intensely personal, placing human beings in relation to the earth and sky, and with the sun, moon, and stars. At the core of creation myths and the foundation of moral values, celestial bodies are often accorded sacred capacities and are part of the “cosmological map” that allows humans to chart their course through life.

Cover Art
Picasso and Chicago - Stephanie D'Alessandro; Adam Gopnik (Contribution by)
Call Number: N 6853.P5 A4 2013
ISBN: 9780300184525
Publication Date: 2013-03-28
The Art Institute of Chicago was the first American museum to exhibit works by Pablo Picasso (1881–1973) when it hosted the Armory Show in February 1913. Published to commemorate this landmark event in the history of avant-garde European art, Picasso and Chicago will also accompany the Art Institute’s first large-scale Picasso exhibition in almost 30 years.

Cover Art
Two with Nature - Ellen Hickman (Artist); John Ryan (Text by)
Call Number: N 7740.H53 2012
ISBN: 9781922089120
Publication Date: 2012-11-01
Fusing art and science, words and images, this collection stimulates new ways of knowing the green world. Capturing the natural world in layers of fine detail and color, it features botanical artwork and poetry that explore the inherently mysterious nature of the plant world. This compilation makes a beautiful coffee table book or gift book for art and science lovers alike.

Cover Art
What Are You Looking At? - Will Gompertz
Call Number: N 6447.5.G66 2012
ISBN: 9780525952671
Publication Date: 2012-10-25
What is modern art? Who started it? Why do we either love it or loathe it? And why is it such big money? Join BBC Arts Editor Will Gompertz on a dazzling tour that will change the way you look at modern art forever. From Monet's water lilies to Van Gogh's sunflowers, from Warhol's soup cans to Hirst's pickled shark, hear the stories behind the masterpieces, meet the artists as they really were, and discover the real point of modern art.

Cover Art
The Art of Urban Sketching - Gabriel Campanario
Call Number: NC 825.C57 C36 2012
ISBN: 9781592537259
Publication Date: 2012-02-01
The Art of Urban Sketching is both a comprehensive guide and a showcase of location drawings by artists around the world who draw the cities where they live and travel. Authored by the founder of the nonprofit organization Urban Sketchers (, this beautiful, 320-page volume explains urban sketching within the context of a long historical tradition and how it is being practiced today. With profiles of leading practitioners and discussions of the benefits of working in this art form, this inspiring book shows how one can participate and experience this creative outlet through modern-day social networks and online activity.

Cover Art
Killer Stuff and Tons of Money - Maureen Stanton
Call Number: NK 1133.2.S73 2012
ISBN: 9780143121053
Publication Date: 2012-05-29
Whether it’s Antiques Roadshow or American Pickers, or any of the number of TV shows on flea markets, the world of collecting inspires a cult following of millions of Americans. Celebrated author Maureen Stanton takes readers behind the scenes and deep into the “flea-o-sphere,” following master antiques dealer Curt Avery from the populist mayhem of flea markets, to the rarefied realm of high-end antiques shows, to the heart-pounding competition of auctions. Killer Stuff and Tons of Money is a captivating tour of the outrageous world of American antiques, jam-packed with colorful characters, high-stakes scores, and insider tips for all who seek hidden treasure.

Cover Art
Cezanne - Alex Danchev
Call Number: ND 553.C33 D34 2012
ISBN: 9780307377074
Publication Date: 2012-10-23
Alex Danchev gives us the first comprehensive assessment of the revolutionary work and restless life of Paul Cézanne to be published in decades. One of the most influential painters of his time and beyond, Cézanne was the exemplary artist-creator of the modern age who changed the way we see the world.

Cover Art
Henry Ives Cobb's Chicago - Edward W. Wolner
Call Number: NA 737.C59 W65 2011
ISBN: 9780226905617
Publication Date: 2011-06-30
Assembling a cast of colorful characters from a free-wheeling age gone by, and including over 140 images of Cobb’s most creative buildings, Henry Ives Cobb’s Chicago is a rare achievement: a dynamic portrait of an architect whose institutional designs decisively changed the city’s identity during its most critical phase of development.

Cover Art
Leonardo and the Last Supper - Ross King
Call Number: ND 623.L5 A683 2012
ISBN: 9780802717054
Publication Date: 2012-10-30
As King explains, many of the myths that have grown up around The Last Supper are wrong, but its true story is ever more interesting. Bringing to life a fascinating period in European history, Ross King presents an original portrait of one of the world's greatest geniuses through the lens of his most famous work.

Cover Art
Glittering Images - Camille Paglia
Call Number: N 5303.P29 2012
ISBN: 9780375424601
Publication Date: 2012-10-16
From the best-selling author of Sexual Personae and Break, Blow, Burn and one of our most acclaimed cultural critics, here is an enthralling journey through Western art’s defining moments, from the ancient Egyptian tomb of Queen Nefertari to George Lucas’s volcano planet duel in Revenge of the Sith.

Cover Art
Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher - Timothy Egan
ISBN: 9780618969029
Publication Date: 2012-10-09
Edward Curtis was charismatic, handsome, a passionate mountaineer, and a famous photographer, the Annie Leibovitz of his time. He moved in rarefied circles, a friend to presidents, vaudeville stars, leading thinkers. And he was thirty-two years old in 1900 when he gave it all up to pursue his Great Idea: to capture on film the continent’s original inhabitants before the old ways disappeared.

Cover Art
Historical Dictionary of Romantic Art and Architecture - Allison Lee Palmer
Call Number: REF N 6465.R6 P35 2011
ISBN: 9780810872226
Publication Date: 2011-06-10
At the end of the 18th century, a philosophical shift in idea and form occurred that shaped the basis for the Romantic era. This age was achieved self-consciously through theory and encompassed the arts and literature. It includes a plethora of styles that are today gathered together under the umbrella of Romanticism, but it also draws much from the preceding Neoclassicism.

Cover Art
Arabic Graffiti - Pascal Zoghbi; Con M. Zaza
Call Number: ND 2606 .Z64 2011
ISBN: 3937946268
Publication Date: 2011-04-15
Without regional borders or constraints, 'Arabic Graffiti' references the use of Arabic script in urban context. It showcases artists, graffiti writers and typographers from the Middle East and around the world who merge Arabic script and calligraphy styles with the art of graffiti writing, street art and urban culture. The project offers many different, diverging and at times contradicting ideas and approaches to treating this sensitive tradition with contemporary vision.

Cover Art
My Faraway One - Sarah Greenough (Editor)
Call Number: N 6537 .O39 A3 2011
ISBN: 9780300166309
Publication Date: 2011-06-21
There are few couples in the history of 20th-century American art and culture more prominent than Georgia O'Keeffe (1887–1986) and Alfred Stieglitz (1864–1946). Between 1915, when they first began to write to each other, and 1946, when Stieglitz died, O'Keeffe and Stieglitz exchanged over 5,000 letters (more than 25,000 pages) that describe their daily lives in profoundly rich detail.

Cover Art
Crafting Modernism - Museum of Arts and Design
Call Number: NK 808 .C72 2011
ISBN: 9780810984806
Publication Date: 2011-10-01
Crafting Modernism: Midcentury American Art and Design is an in-depth examination of the American studio craft movement in the decades following World War II, with a focus on the major mediums (clay, wood, fiber, metal, jewelry, and glass) favored by the greatest craftspeople of the period.

Cover Art
Performing Life - Sharon Mabry
ISBN: 9780802717054
Publication Date: 2012-08-07


Featured Art Reference

Cover Art
30,000 Years of Art - Phaidon Press Editors (Editor)
Call Number: REF N 5306 .A18 2007
ISBN: 9780714847894
Publication Date: 2007-10-22
"30,000 Years of Art" presents 1000 great works of art from all periods and regions in the world, arranged in chronological order for a general readership. Breaking through the usual geographical and cultural boundaries of art history, it celebrates the vast range of human artistry across time and space. Each work is accompanied by key caption information (date, title, place of origin, style or culture, medium, dimensions etc.), and a short text providing more information and explaining the art historical context.


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